Fan Or Disciple?

Matthew 4:18-22

Are you a fan of Jesus or a disciple? There is a difference between a fan of Jesus and a follower (disciple) of Jesus. A fan is an admirer. There is little or no commitment, responsibility and accountability. However, it is important to understand what it means to be a follower or disciple of Jesus Christ. If you are a true follower of Jesus, then you have to be accountable to Him, and you have some responsibilities to discharge for Him. In the words of a famous leader, “the price of greatness is responsibility”. If Jesus Christ is truly the Lord of your life, you will do what He tells you to do. For some of us, Jesus is our Saviour, but He is not our Lord. One way to know Jesus’ disciple is that they follow His instructions. Fan don’t necessarily follow the instructions of their heroes and heroines.

Many football clubs have fans spread around the world. They wear their club’s jerseys and other mementos for identification. Some go to the stadium to cheer up their favourite club or players. Some pay fees to watch them on the screen. They jubilate and celebrate when their favourite player scores and when their darling club wins. They also exhibit pain and disappointment whenever their their team loses. However, one thing about the fans of a star player or famous club is that they can switch their allegiance at will. A supporter or fan of Chelsea Football Club can decide tomorrow to abandon Chelsea Football Club and become a supporter or fan of Barcelona Football Club. No strings attached. This is because the issue here is sports (a mundane affair). Spiritual things are much more important than that. A disciple of Jesus cannot turn away from the Master to follow man or go into the world. He is a soldier in an army and is expected to die as a soldier. His loyalty and allegiance to the Master must be unwavering and resolute.

Obedience, unquestioning and complete loyalty are hallmarks of Christ’s true disciples. These traits are non-negotiable. Jesus promised that everyone who has left all to follow Him will receive a hundred fold rewards here and will inherit everlasting life. The reason these blessings promised by Jesus are lacking in the lives of many Christians today, is that they are fans of Jesus by their thoughts, speeches and actions. They are not His disciples. Their lives are characterised by either partial obedience or outright disobedience. Their attitude is: “Lord, I will serve you as long as I can attend church programme on Sundays only. I will remain a Christian only if I don’t have to do evangelism or go to the mission field. I will serve you if I don’t have to stop drinking alcohol.” They give the Lord their terms and conditions. They want to serve Him the way they find convenient only. Such people are fans and not disciples. Beloved, the benefits of being Christ’s true follower are immeasurable. You were not saved to be His fan but His disciple. I pray that the Lord will help you to turn a new leaf today, in Jesus’ name.

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