Pursue And Fulfill Your Divine Purpose

Jeremiah 1:1-5

A purpose-driven life is the kind of life the Lord expects every believer to live. However, as a Christian, you must first discover yourself, know your purpose and what God has called you to do. Until you know who you are, you cannot become what God has purposed you to be (Ezekiel 43:10-11; Luke 15:14-20; Isaiah 6:1-8; 2 Timothy 1:15-16). A lot of Christians have not discovered themselves and their divine purpose. That is why they are in the wrong occupation or profession. They are getting very little or no reward for their effort because God is not liable to bless what He did not call you to do.

Late Kenneth Hagin pastored a church for several years. He was diligent and committed, yet he realised that his result and reward were small compared to his input in ministry. He went to God in prayer and sought to know the reason for his predicament. God told Hagin that He had not called him as a pastor but as a teacher and field minister. Hagin obeyed God. He left pastoring and went fully into teaching and field ministry which were in line with His divine purpose. As soon as he did that, the heaven over his ministry opened and God’s blessings poured upon him like torrential rainfall. Kenneth Hagin remains one of the greatest gifts and blessings that God gave the church, especially the Pentecostal church, in this century.

Beloved, apart from discovering your divine purpose, you must pay any price to pursue and fulfil it. Paul said, “I did not disobey the heavenly vision.” You must not allow anything or anyone to hinder you from fulfilling your purpose. Without discovering, pursuing and fulfilling purpose, Peter would have remained a professional fisherman but a failure. Paul would have remained a lawyer and persecutor of the church but a failure too. Anyone who does not discover purpose and fulfil it will be adjudged a failure by heaven. I pray that you will not fail, in Jesus’ name.

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