Who Will Benefit from the Foundation?

The purpose of the CC… Foundation is to bring Christopher Charles’s teachings, prayer and deliverance to Churches, Communities and segments of the population that have hitherto had little or no access to them. Through book donations, Word of Prophecy, Grant, Bible, funds, event scholarships, and free broadcasts, the foundation will begin by focusing on these four population segments:

The Small Churches

There are billions of small churches around the World who lack funds and equipment’s therefore closing up.

The Prison Population

There are more than million people currently incarcerated. The C Charles Foundation will provide educational resources to those behind bars.

Educators and Students

The Foundation will support educators and students at the secondary and college levels

The Aging and the Elderly

The Foundation will work with Churches, senior centers, assisted living communities, hospitals, and hospices to provide tools, funds and teachings that cultivate a greater sense of aliveness, connection, and purpose.